Monday, November 30, 2009

Fischer Price "My First Blog" Presents

Str8 outta the Shady Pines retirement center - granny's first blog! Just in time for 2010. I've never done a blog before, but thought it would be good practice and maybe a good outlet, so we'll see how it goes.

Blarg News from 09:

•After months of figuring out how to build a tiny green screen set, borrowing equipment, and getting to animate some of my favorite things (tunnel of love, buff lady back-up band, anthropomorphic foodstuff, etc), I finally finished the "Good Kisser" music video for creative genius/power pop sensation Hunx & his Punx. Claymation, live-action, hand drawing, Flash, After Effects - it's all in thurr. Hunx just released his insanely catchy LP "Gay Singles" on True Panther Records. Go get it!

•Recently uploaded from the vault: Dunce Dunce Revolution. A utopian epic depicting a day in the not-so-distant future when the dunces of the world rise up against the tyranny of their brainiac oppressors. Hand drawn, colored in Photoshop, edited in Final Cut Pro.

•The editors of Gimme Something Better plied me with margaritas & asked me about ancient east bay punk lore. Aside from my sloshy 2 cents, there are worthwhile and informative interviews with tons of east bay fogeys past and present. My personal favorite parts were reading about old Berkeley punk girl gang DMR and learning that Sf punk club The Farm was an actual farm (which seems like something I should've known by now). How did they keep punks from barfing on the crops or vandalizing the animals?

•A couple of my illustrations appear in the Phantom Surfers' how-to guide for losers: Rock Stardom For Dumbshits published by Rudos and Rubes Press. The book is like a peephole into an alternate universe where Mike Lucas writes for Cracked magazine. Mandatory toilet-side reading.

•I am now on Twitter. If you're into that sort of thing, follow me here. Or, better yet, follow Danny DeVito here.

Tales Of Blarg # 9 is currently out-of-stock. There may be copies available through Sparkplug Comics or Last Gasp Publishing.

•I have a page in Julia Wertz's massive Missed Connection comics anthology: "I Saw You". Published by Three Rivers Press and available at your local comic book store.

•One of my first-ever paintings can be seen in the KRK Ryden-curated group exhibition "The Panelists". My painting was pulled out of a nether region orifice, but nevertheless I'm proud to be on display alongside such heroes as Mark Motherbaugh, Niagara, Mats?!, KRK, & others.

•Seth Bogart and Layla Gibbons interviewed me for the "Print Media is Dead?" issue of Maximum Rock n Roll #311. My first MRR interview since about 1995. The subsequent letters from prisoners which followed were of a much higher quality than the ones I received 14 years ago (Shout out to Aaron Buxton).