Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harvester presents...

I'm showing a couple of short animations at this weird (read: awesome) show in San Francisco on November 7th. Featuring 2 bands:Village of Spaces Corners from Belfast, Maine & Hordes of the Apocalypse from Melissa's house. Also featuring a reading by babely Ammi Emergency who is one of my favorite local writers. I'm too retarded for a formal Q & A, but would love to answer any questions about how to make animation if you talk to me before or after the show. 7pm, $5, @ Project Artaud, 499 Alabama #325, SF.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glory Be!

After meditating in front of my Weird Harold altar, I let the spirit of Fat Albert guide my hand while making this 7" cover for fellow far East Bay natives Bobby Joe Ebola. I'm always more than happy to have an excuse to draw punk girls and low grade junkyard inventions. Several different designs for the glory hole booby trap featured in the background were rejected (weenie guillotine, board with a nail, etc)  before I settled on a simple brick-and-pulley system (glory hole booby trap, patent pending).

I haven't heard the record, but I did see a video for the title track. The video manages to be both funny and janky, like a movie you made with your friends when you were 13, but with pro production value. Starring: Butts, 40's, the Shake Weight, and a mystic dumpster world.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walking on my grave

(click to enlarge pics, duh)

What goes through a lady's head when she's up all night? Let's investigate:

Brain/body are fukt


Creepy things that are gross (My cat's eye worms), Creepy things that are funny (Pat surreptitiously snapping a photo of a lady @ Walgreens & then showing it to her)

Anthropomorphic food & the Lulu's anniversary party @ the White Horse

CA raisins, S&M bugs, a story my pal (& BART driver extraordinare) Kelly Kegger told me

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friends with benefits

Punk show benefit for the Liberation Institute - a grassroots mental health clinic in SF. They're true sliding scale (so, if you lost your marbles, but you found a dollar, you can receive counseling) and operate solely on private funds (no gov't/insurance assistance). Being broke doesn't mean you're powerless to make the world less shitty. Plus, rarer than a 3-dong gigolo - a show with all good bands! Coming soon: the apocalypse!
NN, Nobunny (last show before a 3 month tour), Younger Lovers, Dirty Marquee, and Endemics (first show!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

While you were peeping...

A couple of recent drawings to fill the dead air between blogs:

The Bitter Critic - I love him. Chug-a-luggin' Pepto Bismol and snubbing out cigs onto half-eaten baloney sandwiches. He wasn't always this way and he's trying to get better. Just check out all of the self-help books lining his shelf if you don't believe me: "I'm Ok, You're a Pile of Shit!", "Chicken Soup for the Soulless", and "Men are from Mars - Women are Bitches!"

A flyer I made for Nobunny. If it wasn't so small here, you would see: Bunny boobs, GG Allin bunny, Circle Jerks bunny, Warhol and Candy Darling bunnies, bunnies shotgunning beers, bunny passing out on the can, lady bodybuilder bunny, and more. But you can see the date: April 4th! That's in, like, 2 weeks! Start checking the sofa cushions now so you'll have enough change to see the show.

Ancient ways isn't just a bookstore in Oakland, it's also my life. So old now. That's why I had to start blogging, to keep up with the kids ... of ten years ago.

This is a custom cover for the notorious Go-Go's video. You know the one, right? Where they're young and wasted and commit roadie abuse? Rotten Ron dubbed this copy for our pal's 90th birthday. I hope it doesn't give him angina!