Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walking on my grave

(click to enlarge pics, duh)

What goes through a lady's head when she's up all night? Let's investigate:

Brain/body are fukt


Creepy things that are gross (My cat's eye worms), Creepy things that are funny (Pat surreptitiously snapping a photo of a lady @ Walgreens & then showing it to her)

Anthropomorphic food & the Lulu's anniversary party @ the White Horse

CA raisins, S&M bugs, a story my pal (& BART driver extraordinare) Kelly Kegger told me


  1. enjoying some "alone time"..amazing.

  2. You've outdone yourself as allways with skillful technique worthy of the great masters. Nuttyness and zanyness! Love funny flys, worms(poor Noodles), tv, food with limbs, puke, etc....MORE. Now GET SOME SLEEP. xo Rotten Boo

  3. Great stuff--hilarious. Keep creating!

  4. I say many of these are Suitable For Framing.

    Your fan,
    Rob Kirby