Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glory Be!

After meditating in front of my Weird Harold altar, I let the spirit of Fat Albert guide my hand while making this 7" cover for fellow far East Bay natives Bobby Joe Ebola. I'm always more than happy to have an excuse to draw punk girls and low grade junkyard inventions. Several different designs for the glory hole booby trap featured in the background were rejected (weenie guillotine, board with a nail, etc)  before I settled on a simple brick-and-pulley system (glory hole booby trap, patent pending).

I haven't heard the record, but I did see a video for the title track. The video manages to be both funny and janky, like a movie you made with your friends when you were 13, but with pro production value. Starring: Butts, 40's, the Shake Weight, and a mystic dumpster world.