Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Gasp

If there isn't enough art and depravity for you here on this PG-13 blog, you might want to direct your attention to the Bay Area Comix Valhalla and Smut Emporium Last Gasp where I have been blogging sometimes too. I love the Turners & Last Gasp. It feels good to be surrounded by fellow kooks. Not to mention the mountains of books: mesmerizing old head comix of mysterious origins, weirdo art books, random comics debris (ancient Zippy the Pinhead postcards, Dealer McDope game pieces), coffee table books from Taschen & Chronicle, graphic novels from Fantagraphics & Koyama & D&Q & Picturebox, small press junk. I still consistently buy duplicate back issues of my all-time favorite comix anthology Weirdo with a hoarder's panic that one day they won't be available any more.

When not sweating out my book addiction, I've been making a lot of videos for them, like this one:

 for the Hi-Fructose 3 Collected box set and this one:

 for the extremely awesome Krampus Greeting Card set.

You can see all of the videos on the Last Gasp youtube page.

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